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Fan av Greta ändå kritisk mot uttalanden

Pastor Lennart Renöfält expresses concern over the division within the climate movement, stating that while still a big fan of Greta, Fridays for Future has made a mistake.

Greta Thunberg and Fridays for future have received harsh criticism for their statements supporting Palestinians during the war in Gaza, as reported by Sändaren. Pastor Lennart Renöfält, who is also involved in the climate movement, is not surprised by her position.

”I have followed her and seen how she has built a strong network from the global south. She brings the perspective of the south into global issues, which is positive and important,” he says.

Renöfält still sees Greta Thunberg as a central leader of the climate movement, but he believes that Fridays for future made a mistake by taking a stance that can be perceived as openly supporting one side in the conflict. He mentions friends in the Netherlands who reacted negatively to Fridays for future encouraging people to bring Palestinian flags to a demonstration.

”If the climate struggle becomes connected to a political struggle in another specific issue, it leads to division and weakens the movement,” he says.

Drawing parallels to the fight against apartheid in South Africa in the 1980s, Renöfält emphasizes the importance of not involving other issues to avoid splitting a movement.

”I am not against engagement in the Israel-Palestine conflict, but if it is brought into the climate fight, the movement weakens. We now have several horrific wars going on, but the most crucial and urgent issue is still uniting against climate change,” he concludes.

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