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Naiv äventyrare eller martyr

Carl-Johan Sävinger, koordinator på apg29, tror att om händelsen med John Chau inträffade idag skulle man omedelbart avbryta den.

John Chau’s life journey, which ended on a sandy beach in the Indian Ocean, is depicted in a new TV film by National Geographic. The documentary, titled ”The Mission,” delves into the life of Chau and features interviews with both his friends and critics. The film sheds light on Chau’s decade-long goal to evangelize the Sentinelese, an isolated tribe believed to be the last remaining Stone Age group. Chau’s decision to travel to the North Sentinel Island, where the tribe resides, was met with both bewilderment and condemnation.

As a teenager, Chau was captivated by adventure stories, National Geographic magazines, and tales of missionaries risking their lives. He had a deep love for the wilderness and felt a calling to reach the Sentinelese. He underwent training from a Christian missionary group on how to approach unreached people groups and even studied linguistics with Bible translators to learn the tribe’s unknown language.

The film portrays Chau’s final days, highlighting the island’s hostility towards outsiders. In 2006, two fishermen who had shipwrecked on the island were killed by the tribe. Landing on the island or attempting to contact the tribe is illegal under Indian law. Chau paid fishermen to break this law, but his attempts to offer gifts were rejected. On his second attempt, a boy shot an arrow into his Bible. Despite contemplating giving up, Chau ultimately decided to return, and a fishing boat dropped him off on the island. What happened next remains unknown, as only the tribe members have that knowledge. When the fishermen returned to the waters near the island, they saw Chau’s lifeless body on the beach. His remains still lie on the island.

Chau’s life choices may seem extreme, and his death sparked a debate in the United States about the motivations behind his seemingly suicidal mission. Some, like his father Patrick Chau, attributed his actions to ”extreme Christianity.” The documentary offers a nuanced portrayal of this complex individual, letting viewers form their own conclusions about Chau’s motivations and the ethical implications of his mission.

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