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Bulgaria: Honey pots form a candle crucifix.

Hundreds of honey pots lit by candles form a huge crucifix in the church of the Presentation of the Virgin Mary in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.

The faithful have come here to give thanks to Saint Charalampius, the patron saint of beekeepers.

Also known as the ”Lord of all diseases”, his feast is celebrated every 10 February.

The faithful pray to him to protect their homes and health.

According to the Orthodox faith, Saint Charalampius became the patron saint of honey and beekeepers because he miraculously healed his wounds with honey after being tortured.

During the special mass, the faithful light candles, place them on small pots containing honey and arrange them in the church to form a large crucifix.

A priest then consecrates the honey, praying for protection and health.


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