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”Unitarian Universalists öppnar tillfälligt skydd i Boston”

"Urgent behov av skydd för migrantbefolkningen i Massachusetts - UUA öppnar sina dörrar i South Boston!"

Headquartered in Boston’s Seaport District, the Unitarian Universalist Association opened a shelter last summer amid a state of emergency declared by Massachusetts’ governor.
With over 1,000 congregations nationwide, the UUA has a longstanding commitment to migrant and refugee rights, prompting them to offer their vacant sixth floor as a temporary shelter.
The shelter, which can accommodate up to 80 people, features basic amenities like a kitchenette and health station, providing a safe space for homeless families and pregnant individuals.

The journey to open the shelter was unconventional, as it required navigating through commercial real estate norms.
Executive Vice President Carey McDonald emphasized the UUA’s mission-based values of equity, justice, and compassion in human relationships as the driving force behind this initiative.
Operating until the end of May, the shelter aims to transition migrants from sleeping in public places to more stable living conditions.

Partnering with United Way, the UUA received a grant to operate the shelter, along with support from the Black Refugee and Immigrant Community Coalition and Greater Boston YMCA.
The approval to use commercial space for shelters remains uncommon, despite ample vacant office spaces in Boston’s central area.
McDonald highlighted the shared responsibility of faith-based organizations and commercial landowners in addressing the housing crisis.

The Black Refugee and Immigrant Community Coalition oversees the shelter, providing essential services and support to families in need.
Massachusetts’ right-to-shelter law ensures housing for families with children, yet the state’s caseload has doubled, posing challenges to meet the demand.
McDonald emphasized the need for diversified support from various institutions to address both immigration and housing crises effectively.